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3 Essential Tips to Help Tech Startups Succeed

3 Essential Tips to Help Tech Startups Succeed

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by July 17, 2018 Startup

In the previous article that the Clank team wrote, we presented several great websites from startup tech companies that people should learn from.

While it is true that websites are important in today’s business climate, the fact is that a great website isn’t enough for startups to get off the ground and find success. At least half of all startups inevitably close down after the first four years.

This statistic shouldn’t dishearten you to not start a business. As Wayne Gretzky said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. So, take your shot!

Don’t worry though. The team here at Clank has prepared several tips that will help your tech startup company to succeed. Let’s begin with the first one.


The first tip is something that everyone who wants to achieve something should have. The first tip is to have patience.

Like any journey you are undertaking, it is inevitable that at some certain point, you won’t like what is happening around you. For a tech startup company, there may be times where it will feel like you are failing because your business is not breaking even and profiting.

There may even be times when you don’t like the line of work or the clients and projects you are dealing with. The truth is, there will always be times like those. However, if you up and quit, your company will never live long enough to profit or get the clients you really want to.

Resilience is key. Stay strong under adversity and come back even stronger. Hold on to the vision of your company. Speaking of vision, let us head on to the next tip.


No, this isn’t the green and red Avenger we are talking about. We are talking about having a clear purpose for your company. With every business, it is built upon a core idea from where everything stems from. This core idea is your vision.

There will always be hardships along your startup journey. However, once you and your employees understand why you are undergoing this hardship, it will enable them to fight against the pain and see things through.


Along with vision comes innovation. The heads of startup companies should be the ones bringing the spirit of innovation and development to the table. Without it, you will just end up being like every other company.

While the heads are supposed to enact it, there is nothing wrong with the members of the company to do so as well.

In order to do this, you must be in tune with your clients. Understand what your clients need and what is it that they subsequently don’t like as well.

The most pointed and effective innovations in life come from when these different needs and pain points are connected across different areas of a person’s life.

We hope these you keep your eyes and ears open for more tips that will help your startup succeed.

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