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Tuesday, May 26th, 2020
3 Best Websites from Tech Startup Companies

3 Best Websites from Tech Startup Companies

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by July 2, 2018 Startup, Websites

There is no doubt that websites are now required for website to survive and succeed. With so many out there, it gets harder and harder to see one website that catches a person’s eye and differentiates itself from its competitors.

As life goes on though, so does the creative innovation of people. People always find a way to improve upon certain things done (unless its Mozart or the like). It is no different for websites.

People have upped their website games in the past. And here are a few tech startup websites whose websites are worth noting.

Magic Leap

Magic Leap

Magic Leap is a company that is bringing technology up a notch. This company is working on augmented reality (AR). Their company is currently utilizing a display to show realistic virtual images that people can interact with.

The thing about their technology is that is really quite impressive is that it doesn’t use a machine to flash the images out. Instead, the headset that Magic Leap created points the images directly to your retina. Once the light from the device bounces into your eye and even onto other objects, these objects are also created in the real world.

This what makes it look quite real.

The technology sounds complicated, no? Moreover, it would be hard to translate this technology into a website that people can appreciate.

Thus, the website utilizes whole screens of videos to basically get the general gist of the technology. It also has some images of the technology in action. It is an efficient way of getting their technology across.

Finally, one thing that really shines through is their “About Us” page. The way they write this is a far cry from what is usually seen in other websites. Other websites usually have very dogmatic styles to their writing. It explains what the company does.

However, with Magic Leap, you get a real sense of the passion of the team through their write-ups. When you read it, they are a company that you’ll want to root for.



Mint is a website whose primary service is in helping you manage your finances better. It handles budgets, your bills, and even lets you in on your credit score. It is laid out for you in a very simple way that makes it easy to use.

Apart from their service, their website is also a great one to look at if you want to be inspired to make your company’s own website.

The website itself doesn’t rely on a lot of words to explain their service. Instead, it uses great appropriate visuals to explain what it is all about. This also means that the site is not too cluttered and heavy.

Less words could also be the reason why the Mint website shows impressive loading speeds. According to website Pingdom, the Mint website loads at a rate of three seconds or below only!

If your website loads fast, then that means that people can head in to your website and enjoy the patronage of your business even more.



Logitech’s website is interesting for different reasons. This website utilizes fresh and bright colors to make everything stand out and look fresh and interesting.

This, coupled with the clear and concise navigation buttons allows for it to be a user-friendly website. This means that users can find what they need to faster than the usual.

Finally, their “card” design is good for when the website is viewed on mobile devices or tablets.

You should look up to these websites of technology businesses as inspiration more than anything. We at Clank hope that you can pick something useful up and create an amazing website for yourself too.


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