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The written has been here for thousands of years. It has been used to pass down and spread so much information. The fact that it is still a widely used medium only means that it is effective.

Even in something so futuristic and new such as technology and marketing, there are so many books out there that people can turn to in order to learn more.

Here are a few books that people and companies can read in order to learn more and gain an edge.

The History of Google

The History of Google

The book is called “How Google Works” by authors Jonathan Rosenberg and Eric Schmidt.

Today, Google is synonymous to sliced bread. It has seeped in to the very fabric of most people’s lives. Apart from that, no one can doubt the influence and usefulness of the website.

Two veteran executives authored this book, giving us an insider’s glimpse and account of the events of Google’s rise and every day operations.

Schmidt and Rosenberg go on to detail several potent points in Google’s history as well as some strategies the company is using to get where they are today. These strategies can be adopted by any technological business or startup.

More than anything though, they talk about the unique philosophy that Google has enacted that has made its environment so fun and creative.

Google is a fascinating company to look at and look up to. The most important takeaway from the book though is the fact that there really are no rules.


On Marketing for Beginners

11 Seconds to Success

This book on marketing is called “11 Seconds to Success” by Cyrene Quiamco. It details the rise of Quiamco as she successfully ruled Snapchat and social media.

It is a good book for beginners, as it introduces working on different social medias that are constantly being utilized each day.

Due to her mastery in these fields, Quiamco was able to earn as much half a million dollars every year from Snapchat.

From this book, you’ll understand the concise storytelling approach you can use in Snapchat, as well as how to use these platforms to reach a younger and wider audience.