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write for us - About ClankWe are Clank, a website that is all about technology. Our team members are all fans of technology, what it can do, and its implications for business and our future. As such, our team and site are devoted to writing about the current technological trends and developments out there.

First of all, we write about these trends and developments in order to spread awareness. People may not realize it, but technology has a large hold in our lives. It can dictate how we do things. It can radically change the nature of how we act and live.

Apart from that, we write about these in order to help businesses and startups succeed. A business in the technology industry is very risky. These businesses always have to stay on top of what’s new in the world. If they don’t, they will inevitably be left behind.

Updates just aren’t enough though. We also write articles that provide tips for tech businesses and startups to operate and even turn a profit. In today’s world, businesses need all the help they can get, and we are keen on helping the businesses who need it.

Finally, one other topic we like and write about is marketing. While technology is indeed important, marketing is also an important facet of business.

Without marketing and the subsequent mastery of it, the products and services that businesses churn out would never reach the people it was meant to serve.