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Finding An Office For Your New Tech Business

Finding An Office For Your New Tech Business

by December 19, 2018 Startup

Whether you’re a brand new tech start-up or a veteran in the industry finding an office can be tricky it doesn’t matter if you’re moving into your very first office or moving to a new one things can be difficult. But I can help, below I’ve compiled a guide that will take you through the main steps of finding an office for your business.

Everyone’s circumstances are different but when it comes to finding an office there are some general tips that can benefit everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re downsizing, going bigger or are looking for your first office these tips can help everyone! So, without further ado let’s take a look at the main things to consider if you’re looking for a new office for your business.

Get Professional Movers

Let’s get this tip out of the way first once you’ve got your new office chosen and have a date set to move in the job isn’t quite finished. You have one last thing to take care of and then is getting any equipment and furniture you need moved to your new place of business.

There are lots of ways you could do this but I would always recommend using a professional moving company. Too many businesses and new entrepreneurs have made the mistake of trying to do this job themselves or hired inexperienced people for a lower price.

Moving office equipment and furniture is much harder than you might think which is why hiring experienced professionals like Secure Move will always be your best option. Secure Move offers a wide range of moving services including a specialist office moving service and offer competitive prices.

Because arranging movers is usually the last job when it comes to finding a new office many people either rush it or try to do it on the cheap. But if you want to be sure of the best results calling in experienced professionals like Secure Move is the best thing to do.

Narrow Down Your Location

It’s debatable but in the majority of cases, the most important aspect of your new businesses office will be the location. You could find an office that is the perfect size with great rent but if it’s dozens of miles away from you and your employees then it’s not really going to be suitable is it?

Depending on what industry your business is in you could have a lot more flexibility when it comes to narrowing down a location. But even in those circumstances that allow for more versatility and flexibility, you will still likely need your business to be with a specific area.

It could be due to transport links, amenities, security or many other factors but before you start looking at possible offices get your location or locations narrowed down. Once this is done you can move on to the next step.

Work Out Your Essentials

What does your office need to have in order for you to maintain your business’s operations? This is a loaded question I know and the answer will be different for every business but you need to think carefully and get at least the minimum essentials worked out.

When you know what you need for at least the very minimum you can then use it as a checklist for any potential offices you view. This doesn’t just mean what space you need either, your essentials could go beyond that.

Do you need to be able to brand your office and decorate it? Many businesses will want to do this, they might not want to do it straight away but they might want to do it later but not all landlords will allow you to.

Similarly, not all landlords will provide the same services, some might offer maintenance services while others might expect you to pay extra if you want them. When you’re working out what your essentials are you need to look beyond the obverse and really think about the big picture and long term of your business.

Set A Budget

Once you’ve got your minimum essentials worked out you will then need to work out how much you will be willing to pay for your office. Of course, your budget can be flexible and you can always negotiate on price but even with this in mind, it’s best to have at least a rough idea in mind about how much you’re willing to pay.

If you find you can’t get all your minimum requirements met within your budget then you’ll need to go back and make some changes. There are numerous ways to approach this you could opt for increasing your budget, consider moving to a different location or rethink what counts as an essential.

Start Viewing Offices

Once you’ve reached this stage you can start to have a bit more fun and actually start looking at potential offices. Approach any viewing as you would for a house, you’ll be spending plenty of time at the office after all.

Be sure to ask plenty of questions especially if you’re looking at a new or very old building. If you’re sharing the building or office space with another business then be sure to speak to them as well to see what you can find out. Sometimes tenants will tell you things landlords and agents won’t so they are always worth talking to.

Once you’ve found an office that seems suitable make an offer and don’t be afraid to negotiate a little if you think you can get a better deal. Negotiating isn’t something that always comes naturally to people but there is no harm in trying.

Enjoy Your New Office

Well before you can really fulfil this part you’ll need to go back and read my first tip and get any equipment or furniture you need moved first. Remember it’s always better to go with professional, experienced movers like Secure Move to ensure the best end results. And once all your equipment is in place and set up you can finally enjoy your new office and continue business as usual.


Top 6 Local SEO Tips You Must Implement Now

Top 6 Local SEO Tips You Must Implement Now

by October 31, 2018 Marketing Tips

Here, there, everywhere! Who are we talking about? Why, your clients of course! Your consumers are present all around you. You can find them on every digital channel, every kind of tech gadget, and interacting with a rich variety of content instruments.

We know search engine optimisation is extremely important to you and that you are doing your best to remain on top of the latest changes. After all, the world of search engine optimisation is an intricate, complex one with consistently evolving variables.

The only constant in its realm is change. Okay, so you are focusing on your SEO strategy, but have you constituted local search engine optimisation to be a part of it?

Don’t know what local SEO is? No worries, we will explain it to you as that is what we are here for. We spoke to a Top Rated SEO Company in Scotland for tips and tricks for this article.

Local search engine optimisation refers to the efforts and tactics taken by a business to gain a high ranking position in local search results.

You may already know this, but more than half of the queries conducted on Google refer to local products and services. As per Go Globe, more than fifty percent of the brands that exist today utilise location information as a key factor when conducting marketing campaigns to attract customers.

Another eighty-five to ninety-five percent of customer engagement takes place via the local business listings and local pages. It is something worth looking at, is it not?

How can you benefit from this? By kicking ass on your local search engine optimisation strategy ball game.

If you are new to the field of search engine optimisation, more so new to the world of local SEO, allow us to share a few tips with you to get the magic flowing for your business.

  1. SEO Tip 1: Perfect your Google My Business page

Users in your vicinity are usually seeking a physical office address, a phone number, your opening and closing hours on Google search and Google Maps. Our recommendation is to add as much information as possible by filling out sections.

If a potential consumer views your page and sees such complete data, your business’s credibility will increase in his perception. She will view you as a trusted and reliable product source. Of course, you will have to be a little bit patient during the authentication process whilst Google verifies your business claim to truly be your business.

Do not forget to change, edit and update any business information once your Google My Business page is up and running. You will be able to identify where your users are coming from, which channels and which sources as well. You will be able to formulate your local search engine optimisation strategy on the basis of such data patterns. Awesome, isn’t it?

  1. SEO Tip 2: Apply Google Posts in your Google My Business page

Now, as a business owner, Google has enabled you to publish any offerings, updates, marketing news, new product launches and events via your Google My Business page. Guess what? These posts pop up on the search engine result pages and let you share news to target your clients without them having to come to your business website.

  1. SEO Tip 3: Utilise schema markup

This is a certain markup that you have to put in your HTML to better your webpages respresentation in search results. It can actually increase your click through rates, ameliorate your ranking position and lets Google know what kind of content elements you have.

  1. SEO Tip 4: Linkbuilding and much more

Now, do not go around building and increasing your links simply for the sake of it. It is important to have pertinent, relevant links that will add valuable traffic to your site. It does take time and patience to find the right places to link to. But once done, owning a powerful linking profile will only take you up on the search engine result pages.

  1. SEO Tip 5: NAP updates

Whether you are present on Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest, make sure all your contact information and your data is in sync and correct in nature.

  1. SEO Tip 6: Include your city in all tags

Optimise your title tag, meta description, URL and any other content to include the name of your district, region or city as well as the target keyword you’re trying to rank for. Google will be able to identify that the topographical region is pertinent to the search as well as the content type and will index your web page efficiently.

  1. SEO Tip 7: Monitor your rankings

So digital marketing is where it’s all about! Technology can now let you check in real time what your users and customers are searching for. If you want to monitor search volume, any ranking changes, the result type, what device your consumer is searching on, and if your URL is performing well, you can do with just a few clicks and swipes here and there. It is super easy, we know!

Another thing you can consider doing is, well don’t just think about it, actually do it! Okay, wait, where were we? Yes, so what you can do is compose page groups and keyword classifications, so you can review your data and separate any ranking or performance declines.

You will be able to identify any issues, see changes due to seasonal demands, and identify any potential opportunities as well for marketing purposes.

See all the benefits that come with implementing a local search engine optimisation strategy? Do not worry if you have not gotten around to it yet. We are sure that after reading this article you will be all over it – especially given that now you know how to do get it done.

Design your local search engine optimisation strategy and reap the advantages. Remember, you want to be where your customers are. The longer you wait, the more sales opportunities you are losing out on every day. Time to get cracking!

7 Steps to Creating A Powerful Brand

7 Steps to Creating A Powerful Brand

by October 11, 2018 Marketing Tips, Startup

Building a brand from scratch is no easy feat. Answering the most three most important questions such as what it should look like, what kind of message will it have, and will it be a hit with the target market will construct the foundation of your brand building strategy.

So, what really makes a brand tick? Or rather, what constitutes as a brand?

Your brand is not limited to your logo design or a visual that you have attached to your name. Your brand is the sum of experiences and feelings evoked in a customer when he or she interacts with it.

Now, let’s get started on the steps that will help you create the best brand ever for your small business.

  1. Understand Your Niche and Customers

The first thing you need to do is to identify which customer segment your brand will fit in with and attract. Simultaneously, you need to check out your competitors, study their strategies and see if there is anything you can do better or offer better value. How can you do this?

  1. Monitor your competitors’ social media accounts and assess the nature of their audience. You can learn a lot just by seeing their social media profiles and seeing the content they share or post.
  2. Type in your industry or product classification in Google and see what pops up. Conduct an analysis of all your competitors to get an industrial overview.
  3. Once you have an idea who is part of your target audience, go and find them in the market. Conduct market visits and observe their behaviour as they shop. Feel free to go up to them and have a chat.

Whilst you browse, try to take a note of the following:

  1. Your top of the mind rivals: note which other brands have strengthened their position in the market place.
  2. Your consumer’s language: see what tone of voice they speak in, what their interests and hobbies are and how they express them.


  1. Outline Your Brand’s Persona

So, in order to make sure the right message gets to the right person at the right time, you need to outline your brand’s personality. Think about what your positioning statement is. It is how you want your prospective consumer to think about your brand in his mind. Design your unique selling proposition and let it constitute a part of your brand’s communication strategy. After all, your consumer needs to know how your brand or product can add value to his life and make it better.

Select a few descriptive words to associate with your brand. Now, when we talk about words, primarily we are referring to adjectives. Think of your brand as a person and what adjectives you would choose to describe her personality.

  1. Select a name

Your brand’s name will be the sum of its persona, values and benefits. It will become your trademark and the way in which your consumers will know your product. Try the following exercise to help yourself come up with an incredibly awesome brand name:

  • Come up with a word on your own such as Pepsi did.
  • Be a literal bunny and call it for what it is, such as the Shoe Company did
  • Make a combo of two words, like Facebook or Pinterest
  • Take a bunch of words, put them together and abbreviate it, such as BMW did.

Remember, whatever name you choose for your brand will also impact the website domain name or URL address you go for. Make sure your keywords are included and check whether the brand name you have in mind is available.

  1. Choose your brand’s colours and fonts

What kind of emotions do you wish to provoke in your target audience? Colours do not just create a visual image but also convey feelings. Try to choose colours that differ from what your rivals’ products, so you can establish your own position in the market place and go for top of the mind recall in your category. How? By creating a visually powerful and memorable brand.

Another factor to take into account is how a black and white background will look against your chosen brand colours.

As far as where fonts are concerned, we highly recommend that you select a minimum of two fonts to go with your brand. Why? Simple. You can use one for headings and the other one for body text.

  1. Create a catchy slogan

An awesome slogan will work wonders in your brand’s favour as it will help countless customers remember it. This is a phrase of a set of words that you can put in your Twitter bio, your website headline, business card and pretty much anywhere you choose.

You are free to change your slogan as your branding and marketing campaigns evolve over time to capture new markets and attract new consumer groups. Nothing is set in stone.

A good slogan is short, catchy and easy to remember. It leaves a long-lasting impression with anyone who hears it.

  1. Logo design

Okay, now that you have the done hard work such as choosing your brand font and colours, now you can move on to design your very first brand touchpoint. Your logo design will be the face of your company. Have a serious think about all the places where your brand will be placed. Think about the entire range from your website, your business card, any print collateral, and your social media.

  1. Grow with time

The truth is that it takes a while to create an awesome brand. Remember maintaining brand consistency is the most important part of your brand-building efforts. Whilst you can make minor changes, do not go for drastic transformations as you need to give it time to grow and evolve. Of course, you will probably make other adjustments as you learn more about target market with time and understand their psyche. Just maintain a steady flow throughout your brand journey and support it by making the foundations of your brand architecture as strong as possible.

How To Not Motivate and Empower You Staff

How To Not Motivate and Empower You Staff

by September 26, 2018 Productivity, Startup

Any business (regardless of the industry) is likely to suffer motivational problems every once in a while. There are only so many times you can do something before it becomes routine and productivity will suffer because of it.

Taking preventive measures is one of the best ways to tackle this problem and adopting an innovative framework like the one on offer from is one of the best ways to help keep your staff empowered and motivated but that’s not all you can do.

One of biggest issues when it comes to motivating/ empowering your staff It’s easy for you to accidentally cause your staff to feel less productive, motivated and empowered by accident. But the good news is you can easily repair the damage you’ve accidentally caused.

So, to help you avoid any pitfalls let’s look at common mistakes business owners can make that can cause problems with their staff’s productivity, motivation, and empowerment.

Avoid These Mistakes

If you hold a management or leadership position you will have a responsibility to help ensure you keep your team motivated and productive. This is harder than you might think which is why it often requires a lot of training but even the most experienced leader/ manager isn’t immune to making the odd misstep.

So, let’s look at how you can avoid accidentally causing your team more harm than good. Many people overthink productivity and motivation and while they might think they are making things better they could easily be doing the exact opposite and end up making things worse.

Team Building Exercises

Few things will bring out a cold sweat and groans of annoyance like the term above! OK to be fair some people do actually enjoy team building exercises and events but the majority of people don’t. At least not at first, many people when they’re told they will be attending a team building event won’t be happy.

They might end up enjoying it once they’ve actually arrived and taken part but many people would rather just stick to their normal routine rather than take part in team building exercises. But does that mean you should just avoid them all together?

No, it’s not quite that simple I’ am afraid as teambuilding exercises can do a lot of good but you need to make sure the exercise will actually benefit your team. Horror stories of team building exercises are widespread on the internet and they almost always negatively affect staff morale, productivity, and motivation.

So, if you’re setting up a team building exercises make sure your team knows what is going to happen and explain how it will benefit them. Productivity might suffer a little no matter what you do (some people just really dislike team-building exercises) but if you plan your event well and outline the benefits to your staff, in the long run, it will likely improve things.

Not Letting Them Be Independent

This is another tricky one because as a leader or manager your job will be all about actually taking charge and inspiring the team you work with. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be a backseat driver or be in charge of absolutely everything.

If your team is too scared to do anything without getting your opinion or approval then morale and productivity will be sure to suffer. But at the same time, you can’t let people just run wild and do what they want either can you?

Instead, take a more balanced approach and let your team know that they have the freedom to make their own decisions on certain matters but if they need extra guidance or support you’ll be available to help them. Of course, some things will need your opinion and approval but not everything will.

Not Making Things Fun

A motivated and productive workplace should be one that is both fun and relaxed. Even the most stressful job can be fun and relaxed (to a point) if you work in an office why not let your team have a casual Friday where they can dress in more casual clothes, or have a radio playing or get special snacks for the break room.

There’s a lot of ways you can make your work environment a more fun and relaxing place to be. Of course, once again you’ll need to get the balance right you don’t want your staff to turn up and not doing anything but you don’t want to be super strict either as that is sure to negatively affect morale and motivation.

Not Getting To Know Them

As a leader or a manager, you’ll have a busy workload and likely have your own office but you shouldn’t be disconnected from your team either. Like I mentioned earlier your team should be free to make decisions on their own but that doesn’t mean you should just stay in your office and let them get on with things.

Try to make time to talk to your team every day and actively get to know them whenever possible. Ask about their hobbies, interests and things like that as this will be sure to improve your team’s morale and productivity. It will also empower them to do the best they can because they will respect you as a leader/ manager.

One good tip is to try and have regular meetings with your team or sit with them at lunches. Building a more personal relationship with your team can work wonders when it comes to ensuring high levels of productivity and it will be sure to make them feel more empowered.

Leading and managing a team (even a small one) can be very difficult because there are many different ways of approaching it. Everyone has their own leadership/ management style but you need to know when to change things for the greater good.

Empowering your team will improve both their morale and productivity so make sure you are the best leader/ manager you can be. Don’t worry if you make the odd mistake now and again (nobody is perfect after all) but also make sure you learn from it as well and our advice and tips are sure to help you.

3 Marketing Tips for Startup Companies

3 Marketing Tips for Startup Companies

by August 1, 2018 Marketing Tips

Marketing has become a very important part of the business landscape. In fact, the success of the marketing strategy of a company also dictates the success of a company too oftentimes.

The internet is currently the place for marketing. Mastery of online marketing is a big plus for a company.

The Clank team presents are three marketing tips that will help out startup companies.

Blog About It

Starting a blog and having people right in it about your business is a worthwhile endeavor. The first thing is that it doesn’t cost much to do this. Just create the platform and have someone who can write poignant yet relatable messages.

In doing so, the people who do get to read it will know more about your product and your company. Depending on how good the writer is, you can also squeeze in a few promotions that people won’t know are promotions.

The important thing when blogging though is to make it as human and relatable as possible. Don’t make it sound like you are selling anything. When you start sounding like a salesman that is duping people into reading their blog, then you’re just an ad.

Use Social Media

This is a basic one as well. Social media is all around us now. So many people are currently using it, plus there are so many platforms to reach as well.

Since most everyone is already on it, why not use it to your advantage?

Use social media to get your company’s name out there. However, social media shouldn’t just be used as a shout out area. Apart from When you do use social media, use it to build relationships with your potential customers.

When you speak to them, you can know what it is they like or don’t like. You’ll also find out what you can improve in your company. Feedback of the clients is always key.

One way to get more of client feedback is by rolling out some online customer reviews.

Target Your Audience

The final tip we’ll be presenting is targeting your audience. It was once said that there is a marketing for everything. It is somewhat true. All you have to do is find this market and tap into it.

In truth, finding the right audience for your service or product is an essential tip when studying marketing.

You may have a good website that people can find and use. However, if the people that find it don’t find your product or service relevant, then it may all be for naught.

Start out by making some personas up. These personas will be your target audience personified. Then, you must craft and gear your product and everything about it (its packaging, ads, words used, etc.) towards these personas.

These are only a few online marketing tips that can help startup companies. We hope that you capitalize on these tips and find more ways to market your company better.

3 Essential Tips to Help Tech Startups Succeed

3 Essential Tips to Help Tech Startups Succeed

by July 17, 2018 Startup

In the previous article that the Clank team wrote, we presented several great websites from startup tech companies that people should learn from.

While it is true that websites are important in today’s business climate, the fact is that a great website isn’t enough for startups to get off the ground and find success. At least half of all startups inevitably close down after the first four years.

This statistic shouldn’t dishearten you to not start a business. As Wayne Gretzky said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. So, take your shot!

Don’t worry though. The team here at Clank has prepared several tips that will help your tech startup company to succeed. Let’s begin with the first one.


The first tip is something that everyone who wants to achieve something should have. The first tip is to have patience.

Like any journey you are undertaking, it is inevitable that at some certain point, you won’t like what is happening around you. For a tech startup company, there may be times where it will feel like you are failing because your business is not breaking even and profiting.

There may even be times when you don’t like the line of work or the clients and projects you are dealing with. The truth is, there will always be times like those. However, if you up and quit, your company will never live long enough to profit or get the clients you really want to.

Resilience is key. Stay strong under adversity and come back even stronger. Hold on to the vision of your company. Speaking of vision, let us head on to the next tip.


No, this isn’t the green and red Avenger we are talking about. We are talking about having a clear purpose for your company. With every business, it is built upon a core idea from where everything stems from. This core idea is your vision.

There will always be hardships along your startup journey. However, once you and your employees understand why you are undergoing this hardship, it will enable them to fight against the pain and see things through.


Along with vision comes innovation. The heads of startup companies should be the ones bringing the spirit of innovation and development to the table. Without it, you will just end up being like every other company.

While the heads are supposed to enact it, there is nothing wrong with the members of the company to do so as well.

In order to do this, you must be in tune with your clients. Understand what your clients need and what is it that they subsequently don’t like as well.

The most pointed and effective innovations in life come from when these different needs and pain points are connected across different areas of a person’s life.

We hope these you keep your eyes and ears open for more tips that will help your startup succeed.

tech startups

Infographic by:
3 Best Websites from Tech Startup Companies

3 Best Websites from Tech Startup Companies

by July 2, 2018 Startup, Websites

There is no doubt that websites are now required for website to survive and succeed. With so many out there, it gets harder and harder to see one website that catches a person’s eye and differentiates itself from its competitors.

As life goes on though, so does the creative innovation of people. People always find a way to improve upon certain things done (unless its Mozart or the like). It is no different for websites.

People have upped their website games in the past. And here are a few tech startup websites whose websites are worth noting.

Magic Leap

Magic Leap

Magic Leap is a company that is bringing technology up a notch. This company is working on augmented reality (AR). Their company is currently utilizing a display to show realistic virtual images that people can interact with.

The thing about their technology is that is really quite impressive is that it doesn’t use a machine to flash the images out. Instead, the headset that Magic Leap created points the images directly to your retina. Once the light from the device bounces into your eye and even onto other objects, these objects are also created in the real world.

This what makes it look quite real.

The technology sounds complicated, no? Moreover, it would be hard to translate this technology into a website that people can appreciate.

Thus, the website utilizes whole screens of videos to basically get the general gist of the technology. It also has some images of the technology in action. It is an efficient way of getting their technology across.

Finally, one thing that really shines through is their “About Us” page. The way they write this is a far cry from what is usually seen in other websites. Other websites usually have very dogmatic styles to their writing. It explains what the company does.

However, with Magic Leap, you get a real sense of the passion of the team through their write-ups. When you read it, they are a company that you’ll want to root for.



Mint is a website whose primary service is in helping you manage your finances better. It handles budgets, your bills, and even lets you in on your credit score. It is laid out for you in a very simple way that makes it easy to use.

Apart from their service, their website is also a great one to look at if you want to be inspired to make your company’s own website.

The website itself doesn’t rely on a lot of words to explain their service. Instead, it uses great appropriate visuals to explain what it is all about. This also means that the site is not too cluttered and heavy.

Less words could also be the reason why the Mint website shows impressive loading speeds. According to website Pingdom, the Mint website loads at a rate of three seconds or below only!

If your website loads fast, then that means that people can head in to your website and enjoy the patronage of your business even more.



Logitech’s website is interesting for different reasons. This website utilizes fresh and bright colors to make everything stand out and look fresh and interesting.

This, coupled with the clear and concise navigation buttons allows for it to be a user-friendly website. This means that users can find what they need to faster than the usual.

Finally, their “card” design is good for when the website is viewed on mobile devices or tablets.

You should look up to these websites of technology businesses as inspiration more than anything. We at Clank hope that you can pick something useful up and create an amazing website for yourself too.