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Saturday, May 23rd, 2020
7 Steps to Creating A Powerful Brand

7 Steps to Creating A Powerful Brand

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by October 11, 2018 Marketing Tips, Startup

Building a brand from scratch is no easy feat. Answering the most three most important questions such as what it should look like, what kind of message will it have, and will it be a hit with the target market will construct the foundation of your brand building strategy.

So, what really makes a brand tick? Or rather, what constitutes as a brand?

Your brand is not limited to your logo design or a visual that you have attached to your name. Your brand is the sum of experiences and feelings evoked in a customer when he or she interacts with it.

Now, let’s get started on the steps that will help you create the best brand ever for your small business.

  1. Understand Your Niche and Customers

The first thing you need to do is to identify which customer segment your brand will fit in with and attract. Simultaneously, you need to check out your competitors, study their strategies and see if there is anything you can do better or offer better value. How can you do this?

  1. Monitor your competitors’ social media accounts and assess the nature of their audience. You can learn a lot just by seeing their social media profiles and seeing the content they share or post.
  2. Type in your industry or product classification in Google and see what pops up. Conduct an analysis of all your competitors to get an industrial overview.
  3. Once you have an idea who is part of your target audience, go and find them in the market. Conduct market visits and observe their behaviour as they shop. Feel free to go up to them and have a chat.

Whilst you browse, try to take a note of the following:

  1. Your top of the mind rivals: note which other brands have strengthened their position in the market place.
  2. Your consumer’s language: see what tone of voice they speak in, what their interests and hobbies are and how they express them.


  1. Outline Your Brand’s Persona

So, in order to make sure the right message gets to the right person at the right time, you need to outline your brand’s personality. Think about what your positioning statement is. It is how you want your prospective consumer to think about your brand in his mind. Design your unique selling proposition and let it constitute a part of your brand’s communication strategy. After all, your consumer needs to know how your brand or product can add value to his life and make it better.

Select a few descriptive words to associate with your brand. Now, when we talk about words, primarily we are referring to adjectives. Think of your brand as a person and what adjectives you would choose to describe her personality.

  1. Select a name

Your brand’s name will be the sum of its persona, values and benefits. It will become your trademark and the way in which your consumers will know your product. Try the following exercise to help yourself come up with an incredibly awesome brand name:

  • Come up with a word on your own such as Pepsi did.
  • Be a literal bunny and call it for what it is, such as the Shoe Company did
  • Make a combo of two words, like Facebook or Pinterest
  • Take a bunch of words, put them together and abbreviate it, such as BMW did.

Remember, whatever name you choose for your brand will also impact the website domain name or URL address you go for. Make sure your keywords are included and check whether the brand name you have in mind is available.

  1. Choose your brand’s colours and fonts

What kind of emotions do you wish to provoke in your target audience? Colours do not just create a visual image but also convey feelings. Try to choose colours that differ from what your rivals’ products, so you can establish your own position in the market place and go for top of the mind recall in your category. How? By creating a visually powerful and memorable brand.

Another factor to take into account is how a black and white background will look against your chosen brand colours.

As far as where fonts are concerned, we highly recommend that you select a minimum of two fonts to go with your brand. Why? Simple. You can use one for headings and the other one for body text.

  1. Create a catchy slogan

An awesome slogan will work wonders in your brand’s favour as it will help countless customers remember it. This is a phrase of a set of words that you can put in your Twitter bio, your website headline, business card and pretty much anywhere you choose.

You are free to change your slogan as your branding and marketing campaigns evolve over time to capture new markets and attract new consumer groups. Nothing is set in stone.

A good slogan is short, catchy and easy to remember. It leaves a long-lasting impression with anyone who hears it.

  1. Logo design

Okay, now that you have the done hard work such as choosing your brand font and colours, now you can move on to design your very first brand touchpoint. Your logo design will be the face of your company. Have a serious think about all the places where your brand will be placed. Think about the entire range from your website, your business card, any print collateral, and your social media.

  1. Grow with time

The truth is that it takes a while to create an awesome brand. Remember maintaining brand consistency is the most important part of your brand-building efforts. Whilst you can make minor changes, do not go for drastic transformations as you need to give it time to grow and evolve. Of course, you will probably make other adjustments as you learn more about target market with time and understand their psyche. Just maintain a steady flow throughout your brand journey and support it by making the foundations of your brand architecture as strong as possible.


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