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3 Marketing Tips for Startup Companies

3 Marketing Tips for Startup Companies

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by August 1, 2018 Marketing Tips

Marketing has become a very important part of the business landscape. In fact, the success of the marketing strategy of a company also dictates the success of a company too oftentimes.

The internet is currently the place for marketing. Mastery of online marketing is a big plus for a company.

The Clank team presents are three marketing tips that will help out startup companies.

Blog About It

Starting a blog and having people right in it about your business is a worthwhile endeavor. The first thing is that it doesn’t cost much to do this. Just create the platform and have someone who can write poignant yet relatable messages.

In doing so, the people who do get to read it will know more about your product and your company. Depending on how good the writer is, you can also squeeze in a few promotions that people won’t know are promotions.

The important thing when blogging though is to make it as human and relatable as possible. Don’t make it sound like you are selling anything. When you start sounding like a salesman that is duping people into reading their blog, then you’re just an ad.

Use Social Media

This is a basic one as well. Social media is all around us now. So many people are currently using it, plus there are so many platforms to reach as well.

Since most everyone is already on it, why not use it to your advantage?

Use social media to get your company’s name out there. However, social media shouldn’t just be used as a shout out area. Apart from When you do use social media, use it to build relationships with your potential customers.

When you speak to them, you can know what it is they like or don’t like. You’ll also find out what you can improve in your company. Feedback of the clients is always key.

One way to get more of client feedback is by rolling out some online customer reviews.

Target Your Audience

The final tip we’ll be presenting is targeting your audience. It was once said that there is a marketing for everything. It is somewhat true. All you have to do is find this market and tap into it.

In truth, finding the right audience for your service or product is an essential tip when studying marketing.

You may have a good website that people can find and use. However, if the people that find it don’t find your product or service relevant, then it may all be for naught.

Start out by making some personas up. These personas will be your target audience personified. Then, you must craft and gear your product and everything about it (its packaging, ads, words used, etc.) towards these personas.

These are only a few online marketing tips that can help startup companies. We hope that you capitalize on these tips and find more ways to market your company better.


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